Battle Bay Wiki

This is a list of patch notes for each update or patch in Battle Bay.

1.2 Update - April 20, 2016[ | ]

New Nighttime Map

New Local Leaderboards

  • Added country leaderboards – Compare yourself to your fellow country men and become the best like no one ever was!

Combat Improvements

  • The new loading screen has been improved and now lets you compare your infamy points to other captains.
  • Kill messages now show the exact weapon, rarity and evolution stage – You will now always know what hit you! No excuses!!!
  • Fixed some tooltips.
  • Fixed evolution dialog not showing the fitted perk carrying to the evolved item.
  • Fixed evolution dialog not showing the effect of fitted perk making it look like item get’s worse when evolving.
  • Fixed ItemInfoDialog showing perk for example in shop if the previous item which was looked had perk.

Item Changes

  • New item: Nuts and Bolts – A new item specifically for fusing. You can find this item now in the shop to improve your weapons easier!
  • All item icons have been updated to look more awesome – AWESOME!

Balance Changes

  • Improved Enforcer – 10% faster, extra red slot point at tiers 3 and 4 (and removed a yellow slot point at the same tiers).!
  • Nerfs – We nerfed the railgun, firebomb and the healing item.

QoL Changes

  • Google Play only: You can now save your progress by login into Google Play services – Never lose your account again and use all your devices.
  • Added confirmation dialogs for claiming achievement reward which would overflow resource caps
  • Show maxed out item level as golden color to indicate it more clearly.
  • Sort player indicators based on distance. Resize them to 75% when further.
  • Fixed edge case where paymant might have got stuck on iOS if game is killed in right spot during purchase.
  • Changed evolve to pick evolution material items in determistic order: First inventory in slot order, then ships on ship and slot order.

1.3 Update - May 10, 2016[ | ]

Release Notes

  • Daily quests: You can now embark on quests to earn some extra resources, and for the most dedicated captains there is a mystery box awaiting you each week!
  • Battle Commands: You’ll finally be able to co-ordinate better with your team to claim victory!
  • Aiming Improvements: Aiming will now be smarter and pick targets that are closer to you rather than right where your camera is aiming.
  • Control options: You can find 2 new options in the settings that will let you customize controls to your preference!
  • New damage indicators
  • Chat UI improvements
  • Guild improvements
  • Item Info improvements
  • Android local notifications

1.6 Update - ?, 2016[ | ]

Release Notes

  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes : Fixed Memory Leak and other fixes.
  • New Map: Destruct9
  • Improved and Updated Tutorial
  • Balance Changes: Tesla Bolt Nerf
  • Ability to sync your game progress to Facebook
  • Burning Ship Damage: Introduced Fire Damage even when you're but a husk of a boat!

1.7 Update - September ?, 2016[ | ]

New Seasons and New Captain Badges

You gain new season points after each season-end from the leagues you're in. These points will improve your captain badges.

Other Release Notes

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements.

1.8 Update - October ?, 2016[ | ]

Release Notes

  • Introduced Customizable Controls from Options
  • Friends and Private Chat with friends.
  • Daily Battle Bonus
  • Improved the Hub UI
  • Daily Task Board
  • More quests
  • Balance Changes

1.9 Update - November ?, 2016[ | ]

Release Notes

  • New Season Rewards
  • in-game Event Calendar
  • Daily Login Rewards
  • New Guild Designation: Officers
  • Balance Changes:
    • Speeder OP
    • Frost Launcher Nerf
  • Fixes and Improvements

1.10 Update - December ?, 2016[ | ]

Release Notes

  • New Map: The Foundry
  • New Weapon: Explosive Cannon.
  • Premium Boxes in Shop
  • Pearl Diver Package
  • Improved weekly quests
  • Optimized weapon effects
  • Balance Changes
  • Fixes and Improvements

2.0 Update - March ?, 2017[ | ]

Known Patch Notes[ | ]

Release Notes

  • Completely New Item Progression:
    • Fusing items is no more the way to upgrade - scrap items for parts, power cells, and item-pieces and use them to upgrade/build.
    • You cannot sell items anymore - only sell item perks.
    • Gather a duplicate of the same rarity and use power cells to evolve an item to the next tier.
    • Collect 10 of the same rarity and type of item pieces and fuse them to build a random item of the type and rarity.
    • New Shop for the new parts, items, perks and item-pieces etc.
  • Star Crate: You can now only use each 15 stars earned to buy a star crate from the shop.
  • Increased Sugar Income.
  • Improved UI, effects and Graphics:
    • Improved menu bar.
    • Red-designed daily-reward calendar screen.
    • New Inventory and Load-out screen design.
  • Balance Changes:
    • Railgun Nerf : Railgun now has a minimum range to deal 100% damage. The damage % decreases as the enemy is closer to you.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes

Other Changes/Notes[ | ]

  • Nuts and Bolts, Training Cannon, and Horn are no longer obtainable.

2.1 Update - April 20, 2017[ | ]


Fleet up!

  • You can now team up with a friend and play on the same side

New map: Damage Depot!

  • Battle in urban decay. Watch out for the sneaky corners!

Chat channels!

  • Global chat is now split into language specific chats, the options will increase in the future

VIP Subscription!

  • +50% battle rewards without spending time watching the ads
  • Free daily shop refresh without spending time watching the ads
  • 20% faster crew training
  • Access to exclusive VIP chat channel


  • The free shop hurry does not reset the shop timer anymore. It didn't make sense to wait for the shop to refresh to then hurry it to get maximum value, so now you always get maximum value no matter when you refresh the shop.
  • Changed seasons to start at captain level 5 instead of immediately after tutorials
  • The scrapping event has now ended


Item leveling

  • Rebalanced the pearl/parts conversion when buying parts directly with pearls. High rarity is now cheaper to buy

Item Scrapping

  • Rebalanced Parts gained from scrapping items. Commons and Uncommons give less, Rare and Epics give more
  • Increase chance to get power cells from scrapping rares and epics

Crates and chests

  • Crates and chests no longer give parts
  • Premium Box now gives guaranteed Rare and Epic Power Cell


  • Increased diversity in shops by increasing the chance of seeing perks, pieces and high level parts
  • Rebalanced shop parts stack cost with better price points, and discounts for bigger stacks

Season Rewards

  • Season rewards now give all players a reward crate


  • Optimized application startup time
  • Optimized memory consumption. The game should be now more playable on older low memory devices again
  • Optimized UI responsiveness in shipyard
  • Show online players who are currently in battle with orange color in friend list
  • Improved sound effects
  • Show level up gains in item info dialog
  • Show upgrade arrow on item piece icon if the piece can be combined
  • Made the scrapping dialog UI more clearly indicate in the that the item is going to be destroyed
  • Allow scrapping items even when the inventory is full
  • Added Latin Extended Additional characters to the chat font
  • Added local notification reminder for pearl diver reward
  • Minor UI layout fixes here and there
  • ANDROID: Improved Android permission requesting dialog to contain button to application settings in Android options, and have a separate More Info button which takes to our FAQ telling why the permission is needed

Bug fixes

  • ANDROID: Fix the game crashing when loading the game
  • Fixed UI elements appearing bigger if the game was started in half resolution mode
  • Fixed the game disconnecting if loading took very long on old slow devices
  • Fixed wrong or missing UI sounds from various places
  • Don't open broken talent required dialog when clicking at evolution requirement icon in the item info if player already has the talent
  • Fixed leaderboard scrolling sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed guild button not animating when pressed
  • Fixed game crashing when clicking guild in own player profile after leaving guild
  • Fixed top bar guild info updating when joining / leaving guild
  • Fixed explosive cannon dealing double damage to ships around corpses
  • Fixed changing guild description not enabling the "Save changes" button
  • Make handling of ads even more defensive so that if ad fails the player can still continue from the results screen
  • Fixed nepalese flag graphics
  • Fixed Facebook-button to change state properly after logging out from Facebook
  • Fixed Defender hitbox to match the ship size accurately, it was slightly bigger than it was supposed to be
  • Fixed UI descriptions on Season Reward Boxes where some amounts were wrong, or shown twice
  • Various crash fixes


2.2 Update - May 2, 2017[ | ]


  • All new in-house made music
  • New languages (Not available yet, will be enabled server side soon)
  • New shop


  • Changed battle star limit to 75
  • Changed daily star box limit from 3 to 5
  • Changed calendar reward claim button to open info dialog and the reward can be claimed from there



  • Mk5: -7% HP
  • Mk6: -8% HP


  • Mk5: -4% HP
  • Mk6: -5% HP


  • Mk5: -3% HP
  • Mk6: -5% HP

Tesla Shield

  • -9% HP
  • +9% Cooldown

Frost Launcher

  • +16% Projectile Speed

Ballpark Mortar

  • +16% Projectile Speed


  • +20% Max Range


  • Minor sound effect improvements
  • Show gained captain XP in crew training screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where grenade thrown to a shipwreck was dealing double damage to nearby ships
  • Fixes to localization bugs
  • Fixed layouting with super wide aspect ratio in controls customization screen
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing if disconnecting while watching ad at end of battle
  • Fixed sharing screenshot at the end of battle crashing if device storage is full
  • Fixed scrapping result animation crashing sometimes with long lag
  • Fixed player profile opening crashing sometimes
  • Fixed many crash bugs


2.3 Update - May 19, 2017[ | ]


  • Added support for changing player name capitalization for free
  • Added unique player tag for every player visible in the profile page
  • Added player search by using the the new player tags
  • Added "Reply" menu option when clicking player in chat for easy replying
  • Added community menu to access Battle Bay forums, YouTube and Facebook pages
  • Show map unlocks and their infamy limits in the matchmaking world map (Maps always had unlock progression, it just was not visible)
  • Added offer bundles in the pearl shop that change daily


  • Layout changes to Destruct 9 to make the long side corridor more useful


  • Flare gun duration reduced by 2 seconds
  • Balancing common and uncommon parts from season rewards
  • Changed Daily Battle Box content to vary and it can now also contain item pieces and power cells


  • Performance optimizations to many weapon effects
  • Performance optimizations to chats and friend list
  • Improvements to sound effects and music mixing
  • Polished crate and box info screens
  • Added guidance dialogs to shipyard if the player tries to do things which cannot be done (dragging perks to ships, out of slots etc)
  • Added guidance dialogs to item evolution to explain why the player cannot evolve the item
  • Updated GeoIP database to fix wrongly assigned country flags on some players
  • Don't allow inputting non-supported characters into name set/change dialog to make it more clear which characters are allowed in names
  • Disallow sending friend requests to players through global or country leaderboards, to prevent top players from drowning with invitations

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the game crashing sometimes when reconnecting
  • Fixes to several ad issues
  • Fixed missing button sounds from some places
  • Fixed market notification icon not being cleared when opening the market
  • Fixed bug in challenger league rewards where rank 2 was better than rank 1
  • Fixed sugar and gold shown in wrong order in harbormaster package from calendar
  • Fixed captain xp gain in crew panel being visible when crew member is at max level
  • Fixed Japanese and Korean localization incorrectly using Chinese characters in some places
  • Various localization fixes for several languages
  • Android: Fixed back button not working in credits screen


Server Update - June 1, 2017[ | ]

Official Forum Patch Notes[ | ]


  • If the time runs out with both teams having at least one ship alive, the team with more ships alive will be victorious. If the number is equal, a draw will still occur. This change will come into effect today.

League changes

  • Nightmare league will now start at 4000 infamy, effective for the season starting june 19th and onwards.
  • Your final league placement will now use your highest infamy of the season instead of infamy at the time of season end when determining your final position and rewards. This means you do not have to "camp" your infamy anymore but you are free to try to push as high as you can without fear of losing infamy for the end of season rewards. Effective next season


Other Changes/Notes[ | ]

  • Ace I infamy range changed from 3000-3499 to 3000-3999.

Hotfix (Android) - June 6, 2017[ | ]

Hello, we're releasing a hotfix for android today that includes a fix for water not rendering properly in damage depot and first flood on older devices


2.4 Update - June 29, 2017[ | ]


  • Introducing Mk7 ships!
    • Get your hands on the best ships in The Bay
  • Battle Log!
    • Added battle log to browse your previous battles
  • Repair Bolt!
    • Added new green repair item which can be used to heal targets far away
  • New player profile screen
    • New layout for player profile screen which allows browsing the players current ships and weapons
  • New results screen!
    • New layout for results screen which shows healing, players items and allows opening player profiles
  • New targeting buttons!
    • Added "previous" and "next" target buttons which can be used to cycle locked targets easily


  • Increased the gold and sugar capacity for lower captain levels
  • Removed upgrade arrow for level 1 items in inventory
  • Changes to address seal clubbing



  • Improved box opening animations
  • Improved visuals when ships get destroyed
  • Changed battle win / lose music to trigger earlier, when battle ended-text appears instead of waiting until results screen
  • Added tesla shield hit visual effects to various weapons
  • Update player's name over their ship immmediately when changing name, not after next login
  • Revised logic how notification exclamation mark is shown for shipyard button, now it is not visible at all times
  • Revised logic how notification exclamation marks work in the shop
  • Added missing flag for Kosovo
  • New graphics in the pearl shop

Bug fixes

  • Fixed grenade burning damage +X% talents not working properly
  • Fixed area damage items dealing damage twice when projectile collided to a ship wreck
  • Fixed purchases sometimes getting stuck after a server crash
  • Fixed game crashes when logging in if error was received from the login server
  • Fixed rare crashes when logging in
  • Fixed various other crashes
  • Fixed various missing or wrong UI sounds
  • Changed Destruct 9 German map name to English
  • Fix tutorial mode not ending if player syncs to new account in the middle of the hub tutorial
  • Android: Fixed some device specific crash issues


Balancing Changes - July 14, 2017[ | ]

Repair Items buff

  • Duct Tape: +9% repair amount
  • Repair Bolt: +10% repair amount, -10% cooldown
  • Repair Bolt is also changed from a 2 slot to a 1 slot item

The two main reasons for the recent repair item changes were these:

1. Make Fixers less powerful (they were clearly overperforming, with Mk5 Fixers performing more like Mk6 of other classes)

2. See more variety in Fixer items (Repair Pulse was and still is by far the most popular repair item)

What we have seen so far indicates that Fixers are now closer to the other classes in power level, but the variety is not there. Repair Pulse still dominates the green slots and the "single ship" repair items are nowhere to be seen. We're hoping that this change makes them more viable.

Speeder hitpoints nerf

  • Speeder hitpoint talents reduced
    • Swift lvl 21: From 5% to 3%
    • Swift lvl 29: From 10% to 4%
    • Sinklair lvl 10: From 5% to 3%
  • Speeder base hitpoints are reduced
    • Speeder mk 4: From 1400 to 1300 (-100)
    • Speeder mk 5: From 1950 to 1750 (-200)
    • Speeder mk 6: From 2300 to 2000 (-300)
    • Speeder mk 7: From 2610 to 2300 (-310)

There has to be a tradeoff when it comes to speed and hitpoints and we don't feel like this is the case when it comes to Speeders.

Speeders have access to too many hitpoints at the higher levels. The problem is magnified by the fact that Shield items add to a ships base hitpoints and are therefore additionally boosted by all crew talents that increase the ships hitpoints.

This change brings the Speeder specific hitpoint multiplier talents from a total of 20% down to 10%. For comparison, the total Enforcer specific hitpoint multiplier talents are also 10%.

Frost Launcher buff

  • Frost Launcher: -17% cooldown, -14% flight time

The frost launcher has been under-used and under-performing for a long time so it deserves a little bit of balancing love.

Missiles nerf

  • Missiles: +15% cooldown, +20% flight time

Missiles are way too efficient at the moment, with lower cooldown than all the other 2 slot weapons and a short flight time that makes them virtually impossible to dodge. These changes should make it a more balanced weapon when compared to others.


Hotfix (Android) - July 27, 2017[ | ]

- Fixed screen overlay apps, samsung game tools and recording apps interfering with user input

- Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash on battle start if ping spiked


2.5 Update - September 30, 2017[ | ]


This is the first big step on our way toward bringing more content to guilds.

  • Guild quests

Embark on increasingly hard quests with your guild!

Earn guild tokens that can be used in the guild raffle.

Purchase guild quest boosters to speed up the progress for yourself and the entire guild!

  • Guild Raffle

Use your hard-earned guild tokens to play the guild raffle board and earn great prizes!

  • Battle Replays

Replay any match from your battle log. You can even change perspectives!

Share your match to your guild at the end of the battle or from your battle log.

  • Guild Rivalries

Compete against other guilds. Complete more quests than your rivals within the week to earn huge guild token rewards and bragging rights!

  • Battle highlights

Get highlight medals in battle if you did something awesome!

Check your total highlight medals in the battle end screen.

  • Blocking

You can now block other players you do not wish to interact with.

You can edit your block list in your player profile.

Item Balancing

+8% repair amount.

Damaging a ship with Tesla resistance no longer removes the resistance.

In the last update, item balancing was done incorrectly for Legendary Sniper Cannon (-7.5% damage) and Legendary Ballpark Mortar (+14% damage). This will be corrected in this update.

Here is what this means for specific levels:

  • Legendary Ballpark Mortar

Level 1: +14% damage

Level 10: +10.1% damage

Level 20: +6.6% damage

Level 30: +4% damage

Level 40: +1.9% damage

Level 50: no change

  • Legendary Sniper Cannon

Level 1: -7.4% damage

Level 10: -5.3% damage

Level 20: -3.6% damage

Level 30: -2.1% damage

Level 40: -0.9% damage

Level 50: no change

  • Frost Blaster

Fixed slowdown amount talents not working.

Economy Balancing

Battle Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where burning weapons were contributing too much to a player's battle rewards.
  • Increased chance for epic parts from daily battle bonus.
  • Rounded parts amounts to multiples of 5 and increased overall parts gain a little.


  • Player names in battle are now shown with their team color to make it easier to identify teammates from enemies.
  • Your own name is highlighted in the battle HUD with a different color.
  • Dialogs have been made larger.
  • Fixed sorting of players in battle log also to first use battle stars, and then sum of damage and healing.
  • Changed player chat menu to horizontal.
  • Improvements to weapon effects.
  • Stopped pre-downloading of video ads for VIP players to prevent consuming bandwidth.
  • Allowed resources to overflow once when they would otherwise be lost.
  • Added sfx to matchmaking, battle countdown & start.
  • Improved rendering performance of player indicators in battle.
  • Added resource particle animation to scrap results.
  • Added new UI sounds.
  • Added battle tag to the battle end screen.
  • Added visual to Tesla Bolt collision with terrain.
  • Added confirmation dialog when scrapping an item that is legendary, fitted to a ship, leveled up or containing perks.
  • Added delay to confirmation when buying more inventory space.
  • Added particles to box opening.
  • Health pack "explodes" when it expires and heals 50% of its value to all ships within 2.5-unit radius.
  • Perks and item levels are now displayed in player profiles.
  • Android: Improved loading times
  • iOS: Added support for the new iPad Pro models (So they render to native resolution)
  • iOS: Added support for ProMotion. The game runs 120 fps on the devices which support ProMotion.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed being able to send attack command targeting a friend.
  • Fixed battles that finish while in hub possibly messing up battle log entries.
  • Fixed daily quest sometimes not being given correctly.
  • Fixed player profile sometimes not highlighting the correct dot when opening it for first time.
  • Fixed loading screen not working properly if a new loading screen is shown while the previous one is fading out.
  • Fixed player profile dialog being messed up when opening two profiles at the exact same time.
  • Fixed heal block talent causing stun resistance to halve in duration.
  • Changed battle history to show team healing instead of total healing.
  • Fixed in-battle messages overlapping capture indicator.
  • Fixed victory/defeat music not playing when running out of time in battle.
  • Fixed death count in battle end screen when some players were killed by shipwrecks.
  • Fixed Death from Below achievement not triggering from mines.
  • Fixed player profiles sometimes missing max season infamy.
  • Fixed "out of pearls" dialog showing wrong amount of pearls needed when hurrying training with VIP enabled.
  • Fixed crew completed notification popup erroneously showing sometimes when returning from battle.
  • Fixed item icon showing tier 4 upgradeable to tier 5 even if player had only 1 of 2 required evolution items.
  • Fixed care package resources being clickable in box opening dialog.
  • Fixed animations breaking when the game has been running for several days.
  • iOS: Fixing stuck local notification icon badge.
  • Android: Fixed back button in tutorial causing the game to go unresponsive.
  • Android: Fixed some rare crashes when requesting permissions.


2.5.1 Update - October 11, 2017[ | ]


  • Fixed the guild quest contributor UI breaking sometimes when switching between quests
  • Fixed guild quest contributors to be sorted properly
  • Fixed various guild server crashes
  • Fixed issue regarding long names in boost screen
  • Fixed guild quests to be always randomized properly when the board changes
  • Fixed quest/raffle/rivalry timers to always show the correct time remaining
  • Fixed guild quest progress not always counting even if battle was won and contribution was made
  • Fixed battle logs sometimes showing duplicate entries and scrolling not working
  • Fixed UI inconsistencies in showing which guild won the rivalry in case of a tie
  • Fixed prompt to as select 2 quests even when if there were only 1 selectable
  • Fixed several bugs with Battle Highlights triggering incorrectly
  • iOS: Fixed a bug where you were seemingly teleporting out of the map in rare cases
  • Fixed the loophole allowing players to claim one free boost every time joining a new guild [NEW: 13.10.2017]
  • Fixed guild quest contribution not being counted if player left the battle early [NEW: 13.10.2017]


  • Replaced kill-based guild quests with damage-based quests
  • Increased parts rewards from the legendary raffle
  • Joining a new guild will not allow you to claim rewards for quests or boards you have already claimed that week from another guild
  • Added option to disable Battle Highlights
  • Changed Battle Highlights to be less intrusive
  • Improved triggering condition of some Battle Highlights
  • Added text to explain boosts
  • Added visual effect to buying and claiming boosts
  • Added delay after claiming gifted boosts to prevent accidentally buying boosts
  • Removed raffle notification when the user has seen it once in the current play session
  • Guild contributor list now shows contribution from the whole week instead of the latest board [NEW: 13.10.2017]


2.6 Update - November 14, 2017[ | ]

Official Forum Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Added a captain journey view that shows what each captain level gives you! Tap the captain badge to access this view!
  • Gain captain experience from battles and level up while you play!
  • Added target selection to battle commands!


  • Changed unlock order of crew members
    • Due to the change to the required captain level to unlock some talents, some players will have already trained talents not selectable.
    • Once you reach the required captain level they will become selectable again.
    • You will keep the Captain XP earned from those talents.
    • Any bonuses these talents gave you before the change will still be applied, you don't lose anything.
    • You will not have to train these talents again once you reach the required captain level.
    • Crew levels that have two talents and were not selectable due to the change can't be modified with retraining until you reach the required captain level.
  • Crew training is faster at early levels
  • Multiplied captain XP required and gained by 10
  • Changed map unlock infamy requirements
  • Daily Quests refill every time you gain a captain level
  • Updated matchmaking algorithm for more balanced teams in terms of ships

Item Balancing

1. Frost

Let's start with the most pressing issue, the frost-torp problem.

  • Damaging a frozen target removes frost effects.
    • Reason: Before, damage would cut down the remaining duration by 50%. In practice, this still left players completely vulnerable for long enough to be destroyed
    • Reason: Freezing enemies is a very powerful ability and when combined with damage bonuses from talents and perks, it was starting to warp the metagame a bit too much.
  • Frost Blaster
    • Effect talents reduced from +10% to +5% each
      • End result: total bonus from talents reduced from 50% to 25%
      • Reason: The Frost Blaster effect was way too powerful, especially at the higher end. This change brings it down a bit and we will be keeping a close eye on this to see if further reduction is needed later.
  • Frost Launcher
    • Base slow effect increased (except Legendary)
      • End result: Frost Launchers have higher effect at lower levels, but the maximum effect is unchanged (common level 1 goes from 10% slowdown to 20%)
      • Reason: Frost Launchers had too low starting effect and were practically useless at the lower levels.
    • Minimum Range increased by 130%
      • End result: You cannot hit a ship that is right next to you with Frost Launcher
      • Reason: Frost Launcher was effective at too many ranges. Like the mortars, it was never meant as a short range item, so now it won't be.
    • Flight time of projectile increased by 16,5%
      • Reason: The large area of effect plus the low flight time made the effect almost impossible to dodge. This change makes it slightly more possible to get out of the way.
  • Talents that increase damage to frozen targets
    • All "damage to frozen" talents changed from 10% to 5% (both Mortars and Torpedoes)
    • 1 additional "damage to slowed" talent added to Mortimer level 15 and Sinklair level 7
    • End result: The total available damage bonus to frozen targets from talents is reduced for all Mortars and Torpedoes
    • Reason: These talents were originally created to enable creative combos in the metagame.. In retrospect, the bonus is too large for something that doesn't take much effort and lately, these have become too dominant in the metagame, so we are reducing this combo bonus.

2. Burn

Frost isn't the only overpowered thing in the metagame, so we feel that some changes to the burning bonuses are also warranted:

  • Talents that increase damage to burning targets
    • All "damage to burning" talents changed from 10% to 5%
    • 1 additional "damage to burning" talent added to Bhurt level 17
    • End result: The total available damage bonus to burning targets from talents is reduced for all Cannons
    • Reason: These talents were originally created to enable creative combos in the metagame.. in retrospect, the bonus is too large for something that doesn't take much effort
  • Explosive Cannon
    • Splash damage reduced from 100% of base damage to 75% of base damage
      • Reason: Explosive Cannon was too versatile, especially on speeders that can control the range and timing of the shots very accurately. This change should make it less useful in some situations

3. Ships

We felt it was time to make some improvements to the early gameplay experience especially looking at the feedback we got around battle matching and power imbalances. To address this, we have changed all the Mk1 and Mk2 ships to have more item slots to work with. This means more weapons and more damage, so we bumped up the hp a bit as well (except for the Defender which was already pretty dominant at the lower levels).

  • Shooter
    • Mk1: +1 red slot, +1 red slot point, +150 hp
    • Mk2: +1 blue slot, +1 blue slot point, +100 hp
  • Speeder
    • Mk1: +1 red slot, +1 red slot point, +100 hp
    • Mk2: +1red slot, +1 yellow slot point, +20hp
    • Mk4: +50 hp (the last hp nerf to this ship was a bit too harsh ;))
  • Enforcer
    • Mk1: +1 red slot, +2 red slot points, -1 yellow slot point, +50hp
    • Mk2: +1 yellow slot, +1 red slot point, +120 hp
  • Defender
    • Mk1: +1 blue slot, +2 blue slot points
    • Mk2: +1 blue slot, +1 red slot point
  • Fixer
    • Mk1: +1 yellow slot, +1 yellow slot point, +150 hp
    • Mk2: +1 green slot, +1 green slot point, +150 hp
  • Unified the ship unlock levels
    • Mk2 ships now unlock at level 10
    • Mk3 ships now unlock at level 16
    • Mk4 ships now unlock at level 21
    • Mk5 ships now unlock at level 30
    • Mk6 ships now unlock at level 40

Economy Balancing

  • Reduced pearl and epic part amounts from raffle
    • DEV NOTE: The raffle board had become the overall main source of these resources, which was not healthy for the game economy


  • Improved battle results screen visuals
  • Disabled Nice Shot battle highlight from frost launcher
  • Added menu open / close sound effect when entering / exiting shipyard, crew menu, guild menu and shop
  • Added basic support for iPhone X by letterboxing
  • Improved guild recommendations
  • Include battle highlights in replays
  • Added perk name and effect value in perk fitting dialog title
  • Changed ‘no guild quest selected'-confirmation to only appear when the player doesn’t have any guild quests selected
  • Improved guild quest progress visualization when the number is large
  • Added "Latin Extended Additional" and "Latin Extended-B" characters, which fixes issues with Vietnamese language
  • Added sound effect to battle results 2nd page when opening player profile
  • Players will now receive battle rewards without delay if they miss the end of a battle

Bug fixes

  • Fixed items not showing in results screen if a player was not connected when the match began
  • Fixed placement of evolution markers in item info dialog for flare gun
  • Fixed an UI error showing the wrong parts amounts awarded for nightmare league box (60 instead of the correct 30 parts)
  • Removed hit-type battle highlight triggering when hitting destroyed ships
  • Updated box UI descriptions for Legendary items where it showed 30 too many parts per scrapping level
  • Fixing mortars and missiles doing extra splash damage if the projectile hit a teammate
  • Fixed damage not breaking the tesla stun healing debuff
  • Fixed guild info dialog showing player's own entry in other guilds in some cases
  • Fixed overlapping texts in scrap results screen by hiding the top bar
  • Fixed various translation issues
  • Fixed "share" and "share replay" buttons sometimes overlapping in results screen
  • Fixed frost effect icons on talents to show the same turtle icon
  • Fixed players sometimes loading into an ended battle and getting stuck
  • Fixed Season rewards accidentally including guild tokens
  • Android: Fixed launching the game from Android local notifications


Other Changes/Notes[ | ]

  • Position of Mortimer in menu changed from between Isak and Feelix to between Bhurt and Swift.
  • Position of Defender in menu changed from between Enforcer and Fixer to between Shooter and Speeder.
  • Defender MK1 is now unlocked at captain level 4, was previously captain level 5.
  • Speeder MK1 is now unlocked at captain level 5, was previously from the start.
  • Enforcer MK1 is now unlocked at captain level 6, was previously captain level 3.

2.6.1 Update - November 17, 2017[ | ]


  • iOS: Fixed an issue with older 32bit Apple devices which caused various areas of the game to not function properly
  • Fixed an issue where boats could start warping in battle
  • Fixed sugar capacities not shown correctly in the Captain Journey
  • Fixed results screen in replays always showing defeat as the result
  • Fixed a rare crash when claiming guilds boosts, claiming a calendar reward or opening a box
  • Fixed the XP shown in the end screen to be correct at all times
  • Fixed the slots for MK2 ships
  • Fixed targeted battle commands not including the targeted player when receiving them
  • Fixed several ad related crashes

Compensation for the iOS related issues will be given in the coming days.

  • Now added compensation for everyone affected. It was done on a case by case basis.


2.7 Update - December 19, 2017[ | ]


  • Custom battles! Arrange your own matches all the way up to 5v5!
  • Subzero has been redecorated with a seasonal theme
  • Holiday gift <3
  • All new special offers - more options, more variety!
  • Android: VIP is now a recurring subscription similar to iOS

Item Balancing

  • Gear Lube effect increased at all levels and rarities
    • Common Level 10: from 6% to 11,9%
    • Uncommon Level 10: from 10,5% to 16,4%
    • Rare Level 10: from 16,3% to 22,2%
    • Epic Level 10: from 23,3% to 29,3%
    • Legendary Level 10: from 42,1% to 48%
    • Reason: The effect wasn't strong and the item wasn't being used.
  • Triple Torpedo +10% damage
    • Reason: The item was unpopular and weak compared to the other torpedoes.
  • Grenade: +10% blast radius
    • Reason: An unpopular and difficult to use weapon, we wanted to make it a bit easier to use, especially against the faster ships.
  • Carronade: +50% max range
    • Also, +1 projectile talents at Swift levels 18 and 27 switched places with +5% damage talents at Swift levels 9 and 11
    • Reason: Another unpopular niche weapon, we wanted to make it a bit more versatile and unlock more of its potential in the early game.

Ship Balancing

  • Enforcer
    • Maximum Turret Agility +34% (so it can fully utilize gear lube)
    • Speed +7%
    • Maximum Speed +7%
    • Enforcer Mk 4: +170 HP
    • Enforcer Mk 5: +290 HP
    • Enforcer Mk 6: +150 HP
    • Enforcer Mk 7: +160 HP
    • Reason: Enforcer was overall slightly too slow at the higher Mks and also too fragile to be a viable alternative to the Speeder
  • Fixer
    • Maximum Turret Agility +2.2% (so it can fully utilize gear lube)
    • Fixer Mk 5: +300 HP
    • Fixer Mk 6: +340 HP
    • Fixer Mk 7: +390 HP
    • Reason: Fixer was too fragile at the later Mks where it's the only ship that doesn't have the blue slots to support a big shield


  • Android: Higher quality textures for newer devices which support OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • Increased the maximum length of chat messages.
  • Achievements show tier progression with stars.
  • Added option for setting minimum infamy requirement for guild.
  • Polished the look of battle commands.
  • Clean up of UI: removed pearl diver reminder, quests and season reminder from right side of the Hub.
  • iOS: Changed opening iOS 11 dock to require two swipes instead of one to avoid accidentally opening it during battle.
  • Added Vietnamese chat channel.
  • Improved Shipyard layout to give more room for the ship model.
  • Newly bought ship is now automatically selected as the active ship.
  • Added tooltip to locked perk slots in item info dialog.
  • Guild invitation is now removed on accept and reject (similarly as friend invites).
  • Enabled Inbox button in all screens where it can fit.
  • Added battle tag to replays.
  • Fixed some incorrect country flags.


  • Fixed nightmare league infamy reset to show on the leaderboards without delay.
  • Fixed a bug where removing stacked stun by shooting did not remove all the remaining cooldown from the target.
  • Fixed a bug with global cooldown sometimes not registering when using instant skill right after stun cooldown runs out.
  • Fixed teammate hits triggering "nice shot".
  • Fixed a crash in blocks-list after unblocking someone and viewing the list.
  • Fixed a crash when purchase processing finished with failure and the player had already left the bay.
  • Fixed crew leveled pop-up jumping erroneously when loading to hub.
  • Fixed rare crashes in box opening, item combining and item scrapping.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing claim button in boost sharing message or guild quest completion message when the chat window is being closed.
  • Fixed a rare crash when having item info open twice at the same time for one item, scrapping the item in the topmost dialog and trying to scrap, evolve *or level up the item in the 2nd dialog afterwards.
  • Fixed launching replay from a link when the game disconnects at the same time.
  • Fixed some Facebook avatar pictures not showing if player had a lot of friends


2.8 Update - February 13, 2018[ | ]


  • Added several new achievements, including weapon specific achievements with full legendaries as reward!
  • Added private chatting and fleeting with guild mates without first adding them as friends.
  • Added online status indicators for guild members.
  • Added a "looking for a fleet" feature where you can ask any guild mate to fleet with you.
  • Added number of online guild members in guild chat.
  • Added a toggle to select which guild boosters are used.
  • Added a fleeting indicator to friends and guild members to show if they're already in a fleet with someone else.
  • Added showing drop chances to boxes.
  • Added automatic vertical shot leading to auto-aim.
  • Added camera turning sensitivity slider to control options.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to special offers that are bought with pearls.
  • Added a way to copy a link to a battle replay to the clipboard.

Guild quests

  • Changed guild rivalry matchmaking to match guilds that are similarly active.
  • Changed guild quest boards to generate the same quest boards for every guild in the rivalry. - active once you cleared your current board!
  • Changed guild quest trophy counts to scale with quest requirements.
  • Removed fleeting requirement from all guild quests.
  • Added a fleeting bonus to all guild quests. - active immediately
  • Quests that require a specific weapon or ship now get partial contribution from any weapon or ship. Instead of requiring specific weapon/ship there is a boost given when using matching weapon/ship. Some quest requirements have been scaled up to account for this to keep the difficulty level the same.
  • Added new weapon category quests (Cannons, Mortars, etc).


  • Wayward Pains roof has been changed to be more open, allowing easier mortar usage.
  • Improved tips in matchmaking/loading screen with illustrations and added more tips.
  • Show subscription terms during the purchase flow to make it clearer that the user is purchasing a recurring subscription.
  • Items bought from the item list now count towards the Shopper achievement.
  • Improved accuracy of ship movement lag compensation, reduces mispredicted shot hits.
  • Improved accuracy of projectile collision lag compensation, reduces mispredicted shot hits.

Balancing, combat

  • Fixed Tesla Bolt heal blocking talent to actually block all incoming healing.
  • Increased Tesla Bolt cooldown from 13.3s to 20.0s.
  • Changed Fire Bomb falloff to affect the duration instead of damage.
  • Reduced Explosive Cannon range from 25 to 22.
  • Increased Explosive Cannon cooldown from 12.22s to 14.44s.

Balancing, economy

  • Changed required contribution thresholds for stars to make it easier to gain them.
  • Improved season rewards for Nightmare league to make them always better than Ace league rewards.


  • Fixed friends list sometimes being empty after coming back from a battle.
  • Fixed correct battle end music after win/lose by capturing.
  • Fixed Nightmare league infamy reset not always working properly.
  • Fixed forced name change costing pearls if free name change was already used.
  • Fixed weapon damage quests (solo/guild) erroneously counting full hit damage instead of the remaining health when a ship was destroyed.
  • Fixed tips in matchmaking screen persisting on screen if exiting matchmaking screen through any other way than back button.
  • Fixed loading into hub sometimes taking longer than necessary.
  • Fixed invisible/non-functioning torpedoes caused by client side collisions with floating objects not always matching with the server.
  • Fixed guild raffle adding guild tokens and pearls before the raffle spin animation finished playing.
  • Fixed arena start countdown and the clock not being in perfect sync.
  • Fixed notification icon being erroneously shown on quests button when a new guild rivalry begins.
  • Fixed friends showing briefly as offline when they were moving into battle.


2.9 Update - March 22, 2018[ | ]

Official Forum Patch Notes[ | ]


  • All new look to the main Bay screen to show your ship and weapons!
  • Added Gear Score! It shows how strong your ship and items are.
  • You can now play the next battle without returning to the Bay.
  • Added new optional joystick mode: Center joystick to touch.
  • Added a cancel-shot area.
  • New splash screen.
  • Added a popup to show the result of a battle that has ended after you left while you are in the Bay screen.


  • Show battle date in the results screen.
  • Graphical improvements to Defender MK7 model.
  • Small performance improvements.
  • Added 'predictive vertical aiming'-option to options menu.
  • Improved chat filtering (coming soon!).
  • Always use the highest quality model for the observed ship.
  • Changed resource info dialog to be available for gold, sugar, pearls and guild tokens in addition to upgrade materials.
  • Updated grey fleet icon to blue.
  • Small tweak on speeder textures.


  • Shipwreck damage blocks all healing.
  • New icon for tesla shield duration, and duration is shown to enemy players.
  • Repair bolt now removes stun, remove stun heal block and also heal the target when talented.
  • Flare gun, Fire Bomb and Napalm deal their full lifetime damage to tesla shield with duration buffs included.
  • Weapons that break frost now also break frost heal reduction.
  • Repair Bolts that break frost now also break frost heal reduction.
  • Fixed Repair Box critical amount talents.
  • Napalm in combination with fire bomb/flare gun effects no longer gives multiple “damage to burning targets” bonuses.
  • Changed flare/frost healing reduction debuffs so that only the bigger one applies instead of stacking.
  • Fixed healing counting towards damage quests.

Dev comments: Overall, many of these changes affect healing in a positive way, and fixers should have an easier time keeping players alive, including themselves.

Tesla shields are now be easier to break with fire weapons, and you have more information to work with if you want to wait the duration out instead of breaking it.


  • Fixed being able to fit range perks to healing bolt and showing a range for the healing.
  • Fixed battle countdown being stuck on the screen if enabling flight camera during countdown and disabling it afterwards.
  • Fixed player seeing wrong weapons for other players until they switch weapons after reconnecting during a match.
  • Fixed rare crash when trying to toggle guild boosts.
  • Fixed tier 4 items not showing upgrade arrow even when all evo requirements are met.
  • Fixed claimable weekly quests from previous week not showing in the client.
  • Fixed crit chance missing in explosive cannon item info.
  • Fixed “sneaky" highlight triggering under wrong conditions.
  • Fixer MK6 model quality improved when far away.
  • Fixed rare crash resulting from fleeting.
  • Fixed loading tips getting stuck on the screen if the game disconnects while in the matchmaking screen.
  • Fixed map names being broken in battle log in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Fixed players getting stuck to a battle that has ended in very rare cases.
  • Fixed replays not being saved in some very rare cases.


Other Changes/Notes[ | ]

  • Next battle button in the results screen and during spectating was previously added in version 2.8.1 for Android.

3.0 Update - May 24, 2018[ | ]

Official Forum Patch Notes[ | ]

What’s New

Midfight Movies - Abandoned multiplex deep down underground. But who left the lights on?

“We tried to build a nice ‘fast-action-map’ with a spacious feeling. Nothing in this map is far-far-away, except the surface of the earth. Visually we pushed to up the ante a bit and bring a fresh new environment with more colourful lights and overall eye-candy! As usual, we tried to scatter around some easter-eggs and messages for battlers to discover. The Kimmy’s Kiosk menu is interesting in particular. Gear up, get your tickets and enjoy the show!”

- Yours truly FURIOSA! & DMG Don -

The map will be introduced right away to the normal rotation with a minimum infamy of 350.


Ever felt the Bay needs more variation? Wait no more! Events are here! Ever changing new event game modes will hit the Bay starting with 5v5 Team Deathmatch! In special events, you don’t have to worry about your infamy. Matchmaking will use your overall power level, so feel free to try out ships and items that you haven’t mastered. This is about having fun, right?

  • Quick overview of our first event: 5v5 Team Deathmatch
Tired of dying and to just watch the fun from beyond the grave? In Team Deathmatch you simply respawn and you’re back to battle in no time! First team to sink 10 ships wins! After all, revenge is sweet ;) In every event you can earn unique event rewards.

You can battle right away in an event by selecting the BATTLE button:

When you click the battle button you get to choose between Event mode, Normal ranked play and Custom battles.

Every event will have changing rewards for you to “grind” towards. Events will change over time with different game modes, rewards and event mechanics!

For example, to play in our first event, Team Deathmatch, you will be needing tickets, which you gain over time. Everyone starts off with 5 tickets!

Special and unique event perks - all the way up to legendary!

From the events you will win special event perks that have new and unique combinations of boosts. For example, a torpedo damage perk that can also set your target on fire! Oh, and did we already mention you can even get them as legendary? We are aware though that some may be so powerful that you can only fit one at a time. ;)

New perks in game!

Perk Items Uncommon Rare Epic
Tesla shield HP Tesla Shield 25 50 75
Fire damage Flare gun, Fire bomb, Napalm Launcher 3% 6% 8%
Damage Missiles 3% 6% 8%


New lighting on maps

Improved lighting & shading for all the maps. The world just got a bit more colourful and vivid.

Battle Sounds!

Battles are fast paced and intense! Now we have improved sounds to help you stay alert and focused. For instance, listen to the capturing indicator or hear the mortars whistling above!

  • Added projectile fly-by sfx
  • Added high-arc projectile sfx
  • Added ship hit sfx
  • Added ship burning, frozen & stunned sfx
  • Added capturing sfx
  • New battle start sfx
  • Improved in-battle-medals sfx

User Interface

  • Added "Watch replay" button when clicking a chat message if a replay link is detected in the content


  • Changed trophy multiplier for protector guild quest to be equal to damage multiplier
  • Reduced XP requirements for Captain levels 11 - 19
    • This will cause some players to instantly gain a captain level after the update


  • Fixed notifications not working properly on Android 8 / Oreo
  • Fixed various issues with ads
  • Fixed back button crashing in matchmaking screen when going to next battle
  • Fixed multiple crashes related to private chats
  • Fixed grenades not doing any damage when hitting friendly shipwreck
  • Fixed “nice shot” highlight triggering from hitting teammates
  • Fixed one rock missing collisions in Foundry
  • Fixed end screen showing wrong battle score in some very rare occasions
  • Fixed misspelled "rivalry" to "rivalry" in few places
  • Fixed explosive cannon splash damage not breaking tesla stun


Other Changes/Notes[ | ]

  • Rare Fire Damage perk does +5%, not +6%.
  • Rare Missile Damage perk does +5%, not +6%.

3.0.1 Update - June 11, 2018[ | ]


  • Added support for future events
  • Added notification when event tickets are full
  • Added event banner to hub


  • Added smiley face to the Big Torpedo model like in the item icon :)
  • Improved detection on scrolling in item inventory. It should be now easier to scroll
  • Enlarge items by 15% while dragging them in the shipyard
  • Changed pre-battle and respawn timer countdown sfx to play from 3 to 1.
  • Show error popup when maximum friend limit (1000) is reached
  • Android: Show system dialogs with modern UI style instead of old legacy style


  • Lock events until player reaches level 5
  • Lock hosting custom battles until player reaches level 8


  • Fixed observing team deathmatches breaking when the player respawns
  • Fixed Midfight Movies icon not showing in custom match map selector and replay share messages
  • Fixed capturing sfx not stopping when exiting the battle in middle of capturing
  • Fixed missing ui/select-button sfx to battle menu buttons
  • Fixed active item indicator not updating when observing players after dying
  • Fixed capture progress percentage sometimes skipping numbers
  • Fixed some guild names not showing in rivalry leaderboard
  • Fixed crash when returning to the game after reading terms of service
  • Fixed some geometry allowing torpedoes to be shot underneath them on low wave in The Foundry, Crash n Burn and Chill Zone
  • Fixed a very rare crash in combat
  • Updated Ad libraries for various bug fixes
  • Android: Fixed chatting in matchmaking queue
  • Android: Fixed game not running full screen on wide aspect ratio android devices
  • Android: Fixed timeout detection while the game is on background. This resolves the issues where after coming back to the game it appears to be connected but disconnects after 15 seconds.
  • Android: Fixed network and battery consumption not stopping immediately after putting app on background
  • Android: Fixed black screen when resuming to app (Maybe)

Known issues

  • Android: Game does not currently work on Android 4.1


3.0.2 Update - June 18, 2018[ | ]


  • Updated Facebook SDK
  • Updated Google Play Games plugin
  • Updated Ad SDKs
  • Android: Added support for new Android 8 adaptive icons


  • Android: Fixed game not working on Android 4.1
  • Android: Fixed game reconnecting after watching ads
  • Android: Fixed invisible text in keyboard
  • Android: Fixed notifications not working if the game was closed with back button
  • Fixed event tickets full notification to not appear after the event has ended
  • Fixed various other Ad issues


3.1 Update - July 23, 2018[ | ]


CTF - mode explanation:

Capture the Flag is a 5v5 event mode, where each team will aim to steal the Unfriend’s flag, carry it across the map to victoriously capture it in their own base! The Battle Bay flag sits neatly on top of a buoy so you can safely drag it behind your ship, once you drive over it.

  • At the end of normal battle time, if the score is tied and any flag is not in home base, an additional 1 minute is added. Battle ends immediately if a team scores or both flags are returned to home base.
  • While carrying the flag, your ship speed is capped at 1.5
  • If you use Overboost or Nitro while carrying the flag, you will drop it.
  • If a friendly ship with a flag is destroyed, the flag is dropped and can be picked up again. If picked up by an unfriendly ship, it is immediately returned to their base.
  • Mines cannot be place inside flag bases.
  • Mine duration is reduced by 80% in CTF.


  • Improved visuals and behavior of damage indicator on the edges of the screen when player takes damage, shows now also heals with green color
  • Added health bars under the ship icons in the combat top bar
  • Highlight player's own guild in rivalry screens shown with a golden border
  • Changed direction of battle chat messages so that the newest is always on the top

Completely revamped options dialog:

  • Improved descriptions of many settings
  • Added new option to disable auto-targeting completely
  • Added new option for auto pilot which avoids obstacles
  • Added new option to disable showing kill messages
  • Added new option to disable player names in the battle top bar
  • Added support for disabling local notifications for events and seasons


  • When returning after a longer inactivity player's infamy is automatically reduced depending on the duration of the absence. The minimum time for this to trigger is 30 days.

Reason: Infamy does not represent old players' performance accurately after longer time. This helps them to gain matches more close to their true level.

Reason: The previous icons had a picture of a healing box on it. This was confusing as there is also the repair box launcher which throws healing boxes.


  • Fixed observed ships showing erratic jitter in their movement sometimes
  • Fixed sorting players properly by stars or coins in the end screen
  • Fixed napalm projectile spawning multiple damage areas when hitting friendly ships
  • Fixed increasing respawn timers to show the correct duration instead of always the initial duration
  • Fixed missing button sound from few places
  • Fixed some player names not shown in battle results screen
  • Fixed capture indicator value to be capped to 100% and fixed rounding issue causing the circle not being full at 100%
  • Fixed wrong map name shown for The Foundry in events at the matchmaking screen
  • Fixed players own name being incorrectly layouted in rivalry claim view UI
  • Fixed player's own status being shown offline in friend leaderboard if not logged into Facebook

Known issues

  • Sounds remain disabled after watching an ad - Fixed in 3.1.19930.
  • Music/Effects toggles in options disable audio but won’t enable until restart of the app - Fixed in 3.1.19930.
  • Music/Effect volume sliders are non-functional - Fixed in 3.1.19930.


3.2 Update - September 4, 2018[ | ]


  • New Weapon:
  • Autopilot that gets you to the action
  • Improved ship agility and faster aiming!
  • Camera Relative Steering option available, uncheck to use old controls
  • Shorter and more streamlined Tutorial


  • Added audio logo during Battle Bay splash screen
  • Added change name button to player info when looking at own info
  • Changed default items for ships
  • Locked crew until level 4


  • Improved ship agility and faster aiming!
    • Increased ships' agility
      • Shooter:
        • Mark 1: 35 -> 80
        • Mark 2: 29 -> 80
        • Mark 3: 24 -> 80
        • Mark 4: 21 -> 80
        • Mark 5: 20 -> 80
        • Mark 6: 20 -> 80
        • Mark 7: 20 -> 80
      • Enforcer:
        • Mark 1: 42 -> 120
        • Mark 2: 37 -> 120
        • Mark 3: 32 -> 120
        • Mark 4: 30 -> 120
        • Mark 5: 29 -> 120
        • Mark 6: 28 -> 120
        • Mark 7: 29 -> 120
      • Defender:
        • Mark 1: 28 -> 60
        • Mark 2: 25 -> 60
        • Mark 3: 21 -> 60
        • Mark 4: 20 -> 60
        • Mark 5: 19 -> 60
        • Mark 6: 19 -> 60
        • Mark 7: 19 -> 60
      • Speeder:
        • Mark 1: 50 -> 100
        • Mark 2: 45 -> 100
        • Mark 3: 39 -> 100
        • Mark 4: 37 -> 100
        • Mark 5: 37 -> 100
        • Mark 6: 36 -> 100
        • Mark 7: 37 -> 100
      • Fixer:
        • Mark 1: 35 -> 70
        • Mark 2: 31 -> 70
        • Mark 3: 26 -> 70
        • Mark 4: 25 -> 70
        • Mark 5: 24 -> 70
        • Mark 6: 23 -> 70
        • Mark 7: 24 -> 70
    • Increased ships' turret speed
      • Shooter:
        • Mark 1: 32 -> 70
        • Mark 2: 29 -> 70
        • Mark 3: 26 -> 70
        • Mark 4: 25 -> 70
        • Mark 5: 24 -> 70
        • Mark 6: 23 -> 70
        • Mark 7: 24 -> 70
      • Enforcer:
        • Mark 1: 47 -> 130
        • Mark 2: 44 -> 130
        • Mark 3: 41 -> 130
        • Mark 4: 40 -> 130
        • Mark 5: 39 -> 130
        • Mark 6: 38 -> 130
        • Mark 7: 39 -> 130
      • Defender:
        • Mark 1: 28 -> 50
        • Mark 2: 27 -> 50
        • Mark 3: 25 -> 50
        • Mark 4: 23 -> 50
        • Mark 5: 22 -> 50
        • Mark 6: 22 -> 50
        • Mark 7: 22 -> 50
      • Speeder:
        • Mark 1: 34 -> 90
        • Mark 2: 32 -> 90
        • Mark 3: 28 -> 90
        • Mark 4: 27 -> 90
        • Mark 5: 26 -> 90
        • Mark 6: 25 -> 90
        • Mark 7: 26 -> 90
      • Fixer:
        • Mark 1: 38 -> 110
        • Mark 2: 36 -> 110
        • Mark 3: 32 -> 110
        • Mark 4: 31 -> 110
        • Mark 5: 29 -> 110
        • Mark 6: 28 -> 110
        • Mark 7: 29 -> 110
    • Defender Mk1 defence decreased from 5 to 0
  • -5% to Tesla shield HP

  • Rip gearlube and rudder
    • Transmute for items
    • Sell for perks
      • Uncommon gives 60 BC
      • Rare gives 120 BC
      • Epic gives 700 BC
      • Legendary gives 1800 BC
      • That corresponds to the average cost on BC you'd have to spend to get it
      • Except legendary which are 2x cost to get a legendary reward and the content along the way.
  • Updated Burnice training costs to be lower at the beginning and then ramp up.


  • Fixed wrong perk sell prices for some perks.
  • Fixed win streak achievement not working properly


3.2 Hotfix - September 6, 2018[ | ]


Gatling Gun

  • Gatling Gun base damage increased by 30%
  • Gatling Gun ignores defense points


We initially balanced Gatling Gun more conservatively. Seeing how it is performing across all fits and scenarios since release this increase in power will make it a much more competitive weapon and becomes more versatile.


Perk gear scores have been streamlined to use % based gear score bonuses:

Regular Perks:

  • 5% for Uncommon
  • 10% for Rare
  • 15% for Epic

Event Perks:

  • 10% for Uncommon
  • 15% for Rare
  • 20% for Epic
  • 25% for Legendary


Gear Scores for perks, although more granular and specific to perks, cause gear scores to fluctuate too much causing final scores not to be very representative of the power boost. Additionally having such varied bonuses caused more confusion than making things clearer when comparing gear scores between ships. These values were determined using the most ideal bonus given at a rarity. For event perks a flat value of 5% have been added to the basic values.


Fixed a bug where ship agility and turret agility for Shooter, Defender and Speeder were conflicting with each other causing the controls to behave erratically. This should overall improve the handling of the ships as well.

New Ship/Turret Agility Levels


3.2 Ship Agility Balance - September 13, 2018[ | ]

Ship agility/Turret agility

Shooter 70/70 -> 60/70

Enforcer 120/130 -> 100/110

Defender 50/50 -> 50/60

Speeder 90/90 -> 80/90

Fixer 70/110 -> 70/90