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Descriptor Power and Speed in One

Interceptor is a ship in Battle Bay. This ship costs 10,000 of its ship pieces, with its upgrades also costing its ship pieces. It is one of three ships which can only be obtained through events, others being Reaper and Striker

Base stats[ | ]

Basic stats
Defence Speed Max speed Ship agility Turret agility
0 DMG 0.99 1.62 80° 90°
Health stat
Level Health Cost
1 2100 HP 10,000 ship pieces
2 2159 HP 200 ship pieces
3 2218 HP 220 ship pieces
4 2278 HP 240 ship pieces
5 2337 HP 260 ship pieces
6 2396 HP 280 ship pieces
7 2455 HP 300 ship pieces
8 2514 HP 340 ship pieces
9 2573 HP 380 ship pieces
10 2633 HP 420 ship pieces
11 2692 HP 460 ship pieces
12 2751 HP 500 ship pieces
13 2810 HP 580 ship pieces
14 2869 HP 660 ship pieces
15 2929 HP 740 ship pieces
16 2988 HP 820 ship pieces
17 3047 HP 900 ship pieces
18 3106 HP 980 ship pieces
19 3165 HP 1100 ship pieces
20 3224 HP 1100 ship pieces
21 3284 HP 1200 ship pieces
22 3343 HP 1300 ship pieces
23 3402 HP 1500 ship pieces
24 3461 HP 1600 ship pieces
25 3520 HP 1800 ship pieces
26 3580 HP 1900 ship pieces
27 3639 HP 2100 ship pieces
28 3698 HP 2300 ship pieces
29 3757 HP 2400 ship pieces
30 3816 HP 2600 ship pieces
31 3876 HP 2700 ship pieces
32 3935 HP 2900 ship pieces
33 3994 HP 3200 ship pieces
34 4053 HP 3500 ship pieces
35 4112 HP 3900 ship pieces
36 4171 HP 4200 ship pieces
37 4231 HP 4500 ship pieces
38 4290 HP 5300 ship pieces
39 4349 HP 6200 ship pieces
40 4408 HP 6900 ship pieces
41 4467 HP 7700 ship pieces
42 4527 HP 8500 ship pieces
43 4586 HP 9500 ship pieces
44 4645 HP 10,100 ship pieces
45 4704 HP 10,900 ship pieces
46 4763 HP 11,900 ship pieces
47 4822 HP 13,900 ship pieces
48 4882 HP 15,900 ship pieces
49 4941 HP 17,900 ship pieces
50 5000 HP 19,900 ship pieces

Slots and slot points[ | ]

Red slots Yellow slots Blue slots
6 6 6 6 1 4 4 4

Description[ | ]

The interceptor is a damage dealer who excels at dishing out damage whilst being able to comfortably maneuver around the map. It can be bought in the shop for 10000 interceptor puzzle pieces which can be obtained through events. Interceptor serves as a close counterpart to the shooter, having a high amount of firepower whereas in this case, having 1 less red slot in exchange for a yellow item slot. With this minor change, interceptor is able to both use weapons and abilities, making the ship extremely versatile.

Pros and Cons[ | ]


     - High firepower
     - High Speed


     - relatively low health
     - limited utility
     - Significantly harder to obtain/level up

Strategies[ | ]

Interceptor is a very formidable opponent, being able to deal heavy damage and have access to utility items. Although it might be only 1 yellow slot, that one slot can make a huge difference. When playing the interceptor, similar to shooter, try your best to position yourself to dish out the most damage depending on your weapon setups. If you have any Fixer allies, aim to stick with them as it will increase your survival chance. Interceptor fills up one of shooter's biggest flaws, maneuverability. The interceptor is considerably more agile and thus can be used to force players into 1v1 situations and deal high damage. Here are some weapon/utility recommendations:

Nitro 99% of the time, you will want to run nitro on the interceptor especially in higher leagues. Just the single nitro gives the interceptor the edge in being able to dodge and enter and exit the battlefield. Other items such as overboost and tesla bolt can also be used but it is strongly adviced to go for nitro first.

Flare Gun + Explosive Cannon

A Fan favourite setup, you can never go wrong with the flare+explo duo. Set your enemies on fire and blow them up with this powerful setup. If your planning to run this setup, try your best to get explo perks which increase damage against enemies on fire to maximize dps.

Railgun and Sniper

Always good source's of damage at range. If your planning to adapt a sniper based interceptor, using weapons such as the railgun and sniper are perfect for the job. you'll be able to deal massive damage whilst effortlessly dodging attacks with your nitro (assuming you equipped nitro). You may also use weapons such as the missile launcher as well put at long range, missiles tend to be more spread and thus damage is reduced. Use Missile If your planning to fight around midrange.


A very good choice for close range brawling. Carronade has extremely high dps when at point plank and thus, viable on the interceptor. Make sure not to equip more than 2 Carronades at once as you won't make the best of Interceptor's high amount of weapon points. When running double Carronade, make sure to equip 2 other weapons which can also be used at mid - long range. This ensures that if it is too dangerous to be at point plank range, you have some form of dps at mid-long range.

Grenade (and also Blast cannon) Similar to flare+explo setup, use this setup to deal high damage via the grenades chance to set enemies on fire and blast cannon's increased damage against fire inflicted opponents. A great choice for the Interceptor.

Precautions[ | ]

-The Interceptor doesnt have unlimited weapon slot points. You can only equip up to 3, 2 Point weapons and so be mindful when your choosing your weapon setup

-Tesla Shield and Frost launcher cannot be equipped on The interceptor as they both require 2 point slots whereas the interceptor only has a 1 point utility space.

-If you want to obtain and upgrade this ship, be ready to grind alot of event as this ship as well as the Reaper and Striker do not use gold to upgrade their hull, but their corresponding ship pieces.

Gallery[ | ]