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Descriptor The Medic of the Bay

Fixer is a ship in Battle Bay. This ship possesses the unique ability to heal teammates via its wide arsenal of green slot items. This ship's crew members are Feelix and Dr. Buzzkill.

MK1 is unlocked from the start, MK2 is unlocked at captain level 10 for 212,000 gold, MK3 is unlocked at captain level 16 for 537,500 gold, MK4 is unlocked at captain level 21 for 1,625,000 gold, MK5 is unlocked at captain level 30 for 2,850,000 gold, MK6 is unlocked at captain level 40 for 3,950,000 gold, and MK7 is unlocked at captain level 48 for ? gold.

Ingame description before 4.0 update[]

The Fixer changes the way battles play out. Fast and durable, she moves around the battle, applying damage here, repairing an ally there. Keeps her teammates alive and annoys the ship out the unfriends.

Everybody loves a good fixer.

Base stats[]

MK Health Defence Speed Ship agility Turret agility
1 750 HP 0 DMG 1.01 (Max: 1.38) 34.7° (Max: 71.3° at all MKs) 38.5° (Max: 78.7° at all MKs)
2 950 HP 0 DMG 0.9 (Max: 1.38) 30.7° 35.7°
3 1300 HP 0 DMG 0.77 (Max: 1.42) 26.3° 32°
4 1900 HP 0 DMG 0.73 (Max: 1.42) 24.8° 30.7°
5 2430 HP 0 DMG 0.7 (Max: 1.46) 23.8° 29.4°
6 2900 HP 0 DMG 0.68 (Max: 1.46) 23.2° 28.2°
7 3300 HP 0 DMG 0.7 (Max: 1.5) 23.8° 29.4°

Slots and slot points[]

MK Red slots Yellow slots Green slots Blue slots
1 1 1 2 1
2 1 1 3 3 1
3 2 1 3 3 1
4 2 1 3 3 2 2
5 2 1 4 4 4 2 2
6 and 7 3 3 1 5 5 5 2 2

Note: Needs MK2, MK3, MK6, MK7, and updated MK1 images.

Patch history[]

  • 2.2 Update - May 2, 2017:
    • MK5 Health: 2195 HP → 2130 HP
    • MK6 Health: 2695 HP → 2560 HP
  • 2.4 Update - June 29, 2017: MK7 added.
  • 2.6 Update - November 14, 2017:
    • MK1 Yellow Slots: 0 → 1
    • MK1 Yellow Slot Points: 0 → 1
    • MK1 Health: 600 HP → 750 HP
    • MK2 Green Slots: 1 → 2
    • MK2 Green Slot Points: 2 → 3
    • MK2 Health: 800 HP → 950 HP
    • MK2 unlock level: 12 → 10
    • MK4 unlock level: 22 → 21
    • MK5 unlock level: 29 → 30
    • MK6 unlock level: 39 → 40
  • 2.7 Update - December 19, 2017:
    • Maximum Turret Agility: 77° → 78.7°
    • MK5 Health: 2130 HP → 2430 HP
    • MK6 Health: 2560 HP → 2900 HP
    • MK7 Health: 2910 HP → 3300 HP
  • 3.2 Update - September 4, 2018:
    • MK1 Ship Agility: 34.7° → 70°
    • MK2 Ship Agility: 30.7° → 70°
    • MK3 Ship Agility: 26.3° → 70°
    • MK4 Ship Agility: 24.8° → 70°
    • MK5 Ship Agility: 23.8° → 70°
    • MK6 Ship Agility: 23.2° → 70°
    • MK7 Ship Agility: 23.8° → 70°
    • MK1 Turret Agility: 38.5° → 110°
    • MK2 Turret Agility: 35.7° → 110°
    • MK3 Turret Agility: 32° → 110°
    • MK4 Turret Agility: 30.7° → 110°
    • MK5 Turret Agility: 29.4° → 110°
    • MK6 Turret Agility: 28.2° → 110°
    • MK7 Turret Agility: 29.4° → 110°
  • 3.2 Ship Agility Balance - September 13, 2018: Turret Agility: 110° → 90°.


Tactic One: move with friends. The Fixer is surprisingly stout and can move in to take part in active combat. Best practice is to manage your healing slot and damage slot cooldowns in order to keep friendlies up and contribute damage to unfriendlies.

Tactic Two: rush the capture point. Because of its slot layout and health the Fixer can move to the point at the beginning of the round and act as a deterrent. This also gives friendlies a fixed point to rally to for repairs.

Considerations: Initial engagements indicate that a sniper fit gives the Fixer a noticeable advantage. A smart unfriendly team will mark the Fixer as primary target, since it can most likely heal itself and others.


The Fixer isn't very good at lower levels, because you have a high limitation of weapons. Instead, your main focus as a Fixer is to heal and keep your teammates alive via green repairing items. You shouldn't be the one to scout ahead and wedge yourself into a fight. Never do that. It'll get yourself killed much quicker by opposing Defenders, Shooters (One of the real dangers to the Fixer), and even Speeders and high health Enforcers and Fixer. This is especially risky should you be fighting a smart enemy team, where that tactic could cost your team a chance for victory. Smarter teams usually try to target Fixers, meaning they are very, very, very dangerous threats to a Fixer. However, here are some item choices and strategies to make sure you don't get killed very early on.

Item Choices:

Slots: (Read slots and slot points.)

Strategies: MK1: Equip a one-slot point weapon (good recommendations are Carronades, Blast Cannons, and Long Range Mortars), and any green item of your choice. For blue items I would highly recommend a Standard Shield because it will keep you alive much longer, but you can also use Turbo.

MK2: Keep that one slot point weapon and that other combo at MK1, then equip a yellow item of your choice. Some recommendations are Tesla Bolt, Nitro, Overboost, and Frost Blaster.

MK3: Okay, NOW you can switch that one-slot point weapon for a two-slot point weapon Napalm Launchers, Triple Torpedoes, Explosive Cannons, and Missile Launchers are highly recommended at this point, but Railguns are also useful, as well as the Big Berta, Big Torpedo, and Fire Bomb. Don't be hindered by an item's slow cooldown. At a lower MK ship, offense isn't a primary concern for you, so typically you won't have to worry about dealing consistent damage. An interesting red slot item choice for MK3 would be a Napalm Launcher because of its insane crowd control. A well-placed napalm can turn the tables of a game.

MK4: Alright, if you were talking about that Turbo back there, it's all right now. With the second blue slot, you can play around with your Standard Shield and Turbo all you want. At MK4, the Fixer starts to take a turn in its defensive role. A shield-Turbo is perfectly fine, but a double Standard Shield combo is good as well. Just be aware of the reduced speed. With an Overboost, should be fine, however, it's possible to play Fixer like Defender. Big and slow, but boy, when you get into position, you are one heck of an opponent. In that case, you might want to think about using a Tesla Bolt, as it's more combat oriented.

MK5: The Fixer has now unlocked its full potential of repairing. The third green slot is going to be helpful when the time comes. Not a particularly strong ship, but one that has its potential. Repair Pulse-Repair Bolt-Repair Box Launcher is a good fit at this point.


At this point, you should really be playing a middle-ground role, healing and damaging equally, as your repairing items have hopefully been leveled up to a very high quality, able to withstand the nastiest barrages of firepower. Still, don't necessarily take your chances. Anyways, a Fixer that can deal damage and heal at the same time is an amazing teammate and something to work towards for sure. If you don't feel comfortable being a fighter yet, then perhaps pick a more defensive set of items. A nice weapon choice in general would be a Napalm Launcher and a Missile Launcher, OR a Blast Cannon. OR a Missile Launcher AND a Blast Cannon, with maybe a Tesla Bolt, as the Tesla Bolt is useful in combat, and a Missile Launcher and Blast Cannon combo is particularly aggressive. The Napalm Launcher is primarily for crowd control, though. Maybe you could use a Mine, if you're more defense-oriented.


Same strategy.

DPS Fixer: A Fixer that focuses on self healing, and, as the name suggests, DPS. As a DPS Fixer, it is able to take a lot of damage and still heal. DPS Fixers focus on items like Duct Tape and Repair Box Launchers.

DPS Fixer: Although many players dislike the "DPS Fixer", it is known to be a very powerful build. A common build includes Duct Tape. One max legendary Duct Tape (with Feelix's boost) can heal a total of 1944 hit points on one activation. A Fixer can equip three of them. Only one has a heal rate of 194.4 per second.

Unless a weapon has a DPS of nearly 200+, and every shot hits, the Fixer is practically invincible, even with one activation.

And that is not including max level legendary bandages, with the boosts from Sinklair and Feelix.

A decent weapon is recommended.


Note: Needs high quality MK7 image.

MK1 to MK7 Differences[]


Fixer, along with Speeder, are the only two ships to lack base defense.