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Crossing platforms/devices[edit source]

Hello all,

Im due a phone upgrade soon and I was wondering if i left apple (current phone i have) to buy a new android device...can my account be transferred across to the new device? Im not sure if cross platform will work, and i dont really want to start from scratch again if i did get an android...

Go to Options, then Accounts. Sync your account with Facebook, you should be able to transfer your progress to android with it. By the way, if you want help with the game, it's better to go to a forum, this page is more for discussing this wiki than the game. K599 (talk) 21:01, 8 February 2018 (UTC)

great work on this wiki[edit source]

I am glad to see that the weapons have the event perks listed (noticed when viewing ballpark). I would like to see if anyone wants to add gearscores. I also like the ship pages and all pages showing different strategies, I think it is important to note how high weapons are mounted on the different ships, for example, the sniper works best mounted on a defender because it can easily fire over the waves, whereas the grenade works better on ships with less height because it allows the player to do point damage to taller ships. To be honest I have not viewed many pages here (TL;DR) but another thing I like to think about for ship strategy is the variation in length of the different ship classes. here I can say that the shooter and speeder are longer from bow to stern and therefore you can land the spread of a carronade or missile more easily when the side of their ship is in view, contrarily when they have their side to you and are a much shorter ship such as the enforcer, you can land less of the spread, have a smaller target for torpedoes, and also they have the ability to accelerate forwards or backwards to evade your incoming shot. ~Djradnad